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Hermes GranTurismo


Unique functions and very innovative

It is the first yacht that is incredibly economic: at least half and in some cases even a third of the consumption of its competitors. For example, with 14 knots it will consume 30 l / h total, with 22 knots 64 l / h and with 26 knots only 88 l / h total. Based on these two points and the dimensions, we claim the title of the most efficient production yacht in the world.

Thanks to its unique hull, the boat planes even at low speeds.

This makes a huge difference in consumption. In addition, a boat that planes at low speed sails much more pleasant. What is unique about the Hermes GranTurismo is that the hull is designed so that it planes even at low speeds. Compared to other yachts, this is very unique, as due to the extreme angle boat often make at speeds from 8 knots, you can no longer cruise comfortably. You can sail comfortably and at any speed in our yachts.

The yacht maintains a very low trim angle at all sailing speeds, between only 2.1 and 3 degrees. This keeps the nose flat at all times so you can enjoy a beautiful view. This is a unique feature of the Hermes GranTurismo.

  • Perfect stability

    As speed increases the boat rises, thereby preserving the nearly horizontal attitude. That means that the Hermes glides through the water easily: whether you sail 5 knots or the maximum speed. The low center of gravity makes the boat very stable. The boat consumes an average of 30 liters per hour. The Hermes Speedster has not been voted "The most efficient production boat in the world" by accident!

  • Unique interior

    From the seats and the steering wheel to the speakers and the switch; every part of the interior is handcrafted and designed with attention to detail. The retractable convertible roof allows you to enjoy the boat in all weather conditions. Heating is optional and makes the boat ideal for the colder climates. Moreover, there is room for ten people on board.

  • Highest quality

    Every part is handmade and carefully assembled. The materials are durable and of the highest quality. Every detail has been considered: from upholstery to stitching and from screw to water pump. The Hermes Speedster can be tailored to personal taste.

  • Greatest achievements

    The Hermes GranTurismo has a low water resistance, therefore a smaller engine is sufficient. Still, this boat remains faster than its competitors. Because of its very steep bow, the boat slips through the waves with a 72-degree access angle. Combined with the innovative hull, this ensures a calm ride. In addition, the Hermes maintains very low trim angles between 2 and 2.8 degrees at all speeds.


The Hermes GranTurismo offers three cabins

The cabins can be arranged and put together according to your own wishes. For example, you can also opt for two cabins, which gives even more space. That way the Hermes GranTurismo will feel like home, but a home on the water.

The interior is fully customizable to suit your needs. We use only the best quality materials, so you are assured of a boat that will last a lifetime. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.


Max. Crew

  • Length

    16.95 m

  • Width of the hull

    4.52 m

  • Draft

    0.91 m

  • Weight

    14.060 kg

  • Max. number of people


  • Engine

    Twin Volvo Penta

  • Engine type

    Volvo Penta IPS 600

  • Max. power output

    435 Pk / 325 kW

  • Propulsion


  • Max. speed

    65 km/h / 35 knots

  • CE marking


  • Price

    Price upon request

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