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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I lie down on the Hermes Speedster?

It is possible on the back deck with some extra pillows. You can also lie comfortably on the back seat.


How do I maintain my Hermes Speedster?

Your Textron / Weber engine must be inspected after twenty hours of sailing. For further maintenance you can contact Textron / Weber Motors worldwide. They have service points all over the world. Our own technical service is Brunia Water Sports in Biddinghuizen.

To provide you with extra service, we also offer the option of taking out a so-called 'unburdening package'. We will then take care of the storage of the boat in winter and the preparation of the boat for the new sailing season. If necessary, we will pick up and deliver the boat when you wish. See more information about this on our 'Service' page.

Doesn’t the boat damage easily without bumpers?

You can prevent damage to your boat with the help of extra tailor-made fenders and pads. This package also includes fender lines.

For the prevention of scratches and dirt in both fresh and salt water, we recommend the Ceramic Pro nano coating. This is an invisible coating that provides a protective layer on your boat. This coating is also widely used in the automotive industry.

Is the Hermes Speedster trailerable?

Because of its weight and dimensions, the Hermes Speedster is ideal for trailers. Due to the unique hull, we recommend a VanClaes trailer including an electric winch that makes it possible to roll the Hermes Speedster onto the trailer within 10 minutes by attaching mounting hooks (pre-assembled)!
This trailer is 2.10 meters wide and the boat is 1.80 meters wide. This way you have no chance of damage. The trailer has been officially tested for 130 km / h, but of course you must adhere to the speed limit. This depends on the country where you are driving


Is it difficult to control a Jet drive?

Of course it requires agility in the beginning to move the boat smoothly through the water. Once you get a feel for it you will see that this is easy to learn. Precisely because of the unique hull and the fin, the Hermes Speedster keeps its course well and the steering wheel can be released at five knots. A boat with jet drive is also extremely agile. This makes it easy to moor the boat and to maneuver the boat through narrow places.

What is the fuel consumption of the Hermes Speedster?

Thanks to the patented hull, it only uses 5.5 liters of gasoline per hour (5000 rpm). Compared to other boats, this is a very low consumption. This way you quickly earn back a good bottle of champagne.

Can I take a cool box on board?

Yes, that's possible. You can even bring one that needs to be cooled at 12 volts. We are also working on a custom-made wine bar. If you are interested in this, we can provide you with a picture of this design. Cheers!

Does the Hermes Speedster also offer sun protection?

The convertible roof offers the perfect protection against the sun's rays. But don't be afraid that it will be too hot or that it will take a long time to mount it. It is easily attached and you could remove the windows to still enjoy the summer breeze.

Is there shelter against rain?

The convertible roof offers perfect protection against rain. This is easily set up and you can insert the windows to ensure a dry cruise.

Should I rinse the engine when it has been in salt water?

It is important that the engine - after the boat has been taken out of the water - is rinsed with a hose. You do this through the special opening at the engine. All our boats have this opening, the so-called 'engine washdown'. This is located in an easy place, namely on the deck. You run the engine for three minutes while flushing and then the engine is completely flushed.

Can I sail anywhere?

Thanks to a draft of 26 cm you can sail anywhere. Even in areas where other boats have to stop you can enjoy the peace and quiet around you with the Hermes Speedster.

Can I also sail on the open sea?

The Hermes Speedster has been tested in coastal water and can sail here with a maximum of two meter high waves. The Hermes Speedster has a CE mark of C.

Does the boat not turn over quickly?

The Hermes Speedster has been tested several times with five seated people on one side resulting in only a minimal inclination towards this side. This means that the boat is very stable and almost impossible to turn over.

What does the CE marking mean?

The CE marking that can be found on many products indicates that the product complies with the applicable rules within the European Economic Area. If you find the image inside a boat, then you are assured that the ship meets the European requirements of the Recreational Craft Act.

There are four categories, indicated by the letters A to D. Below you can see what they mean.

A The category "ocean": This boat is suitable for wind force 8 and higher and waves higher than four meters.

B The "sea" category: This boat is suitable for wind force 8 and waves up to four meters.

C The category "coastal water, river mouths and inland waterways": This boat is suitable for wind force 6 and waves up to two meters.

D The category "protected inland waterways": This boat is suitable for wind force 4 and waves of thirty centimeters.

The Hermes Speedster is of course also CE marked. This boat falls under the C category.