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Hermes Speedster


Imagine ...

The sun in your face, the wind in your hair, the water splashes on your arms and the powerful roaring Hermes Speedster engine roars in your ear. Doesn't that give a wonderful feeling of ultimate freedom? We think so now. Rièra is happy to share that passion with you. Love for the beautiful things in life is pure enjoyment. Book your unique experience and discover Harderwijk like never before!

Designed by Seven Seas Yachts

Greek architect Nicolas Politis designed the hydrodynamic undercarriage, based its appearance on the 1959 Porsche 356 and Gentleman's Runabout boats of the 1930s. Everything is made by hand in his yard. Step by step, the parts of the boat are put together, until finally everything comes together in an unparalleled boat. A magical moment ...

The Hermes Speedster is a classic retro style boat with all the technical gadgets of today. The small family business "Seven Sea Yachts" from Greece produces the boats. Everything is made by hand and the love that goes with this can be seen with one look at the Hermes Speedster. Inspired by the 1959 Porsche 356 and the Gentleman's Runabout boats of the 1930s. The result of this extraordinary craftsmanship is a real feast for the eyes. When do you get on board?

  • Canal tour Harderwijk - 1 hour

    Book your boat trip through the canals of Harderwijk and discover the Hanseatic city like never before in an hour, where our experienced skipper can tell you a few things about the area. Pure enjoyment of what Harderwijk has to offer and that for a price of € 99, -

  • (NL) Grachten + snelvaart - 2 uur

    (NL) Stap aan boord in het boothuis van Nicksboats en vaar ontspannen met onze schipper door de grachten van Harderwijk die tevens het één en ander over de omgeving vertelt. Kom op iedere mogelijke plek en haal tot slot het uiterste uit deze unieke speedboot door een snelheid van 73 km/u te varen. Één en al spektakel op het water voor maar € 275,-


Pure craftsmanship with every eye for detail...

The Hermes Speedster is produced by Seven Seas Yachts, a small family business in Greece. Architect Nicolas Politis designed the hydrodynamic lower hull, based its appearance on the 1959 Porsche 356 and Gentleman's Runabout boats of the 1930s. The bottom of the Hermes Speedster consists of seven layers with the outer layer made of vinyl ester resin. A powerful and durable material. The layers are made up of airtight compartments with a honeycomb structure. This provides strength without increasing weight.

Each part is handmade and carefully assembled. The materials are durable and of the highest quality. Every detail has been thought out: from upholstery to stitching and from steering wheel to water pump. The Hermes Speedster combines the most modern techniques with a touch of vintage design. The result of this extraordinary craftsmanship is a feast for the eyes. In addition to being stylish, the boat is also durable and maintenance-friendly, so you only have to enjoy! The Hermes Speedster can be put together according to personal taste.


Max. Crew

  • Length

    6,75 m

  • Width

    1,80 m

  • Motor

    Weber Textron MPE 850 Marine TC

  • Max. power

    155 HP / 116 kW

  • Drive

    Jet drive

  • Max. speed

    73 km / h / 39 knots *

  • Max. number of people


  • Rent price

  • Canal tour Harderwijk (1 hour) **

    € 150, -

  • Canals + fast driving (2 hours) **

    € 275, -

  • * license required

  • ** captain present

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